Palazzo Filangeri – Candida

Castello_candidaThe ancient fortress, called Filangieri Castle, was set on a natural stone rock. It was built during the 12th century and renovated during the Norman conquest.

Over the years, devastating earthquakes and a terrible fire made the Castle unusable.

Today we can admire only the Defensive Wallsand the Buttresses that surrounded the Castle. Over the following centuries, the Castle has been turned into some private residences where you can get in from a main entrance, go up the stairs and then from another entrance it is possible to see theTower and the Curtain Walls.

Aldolina Filangeri di Candida

Aldoino (or Alduino) Filangieri di Candida (died December 1283) was a nobleman in the Kingdom of Naples. He was the son of Giordano of the Filangeri and an unnamed woman, the sister of Aldoino di Cicala, from whom he took his name and his fief. He inherited his uncle’s fief of Candida on his father’s death (in or before 1269). He was the father of the Filangieri di Candida.

By his wife, Giordana, daughter of Giacomo di Tricarico of the Sanseverino clan, Aldoino received as a dowry the fiefs of Solofra and Abriola. Their marriage took place before 1266, whenCharles I granted one third of the castle of Sant’Agata Irpina at Solofra, withheld by Giacomo per the nuptial agreement, to Giordana and Aldoino in return for their support. They reinforced the castle during the War of the Sicilian Vespers.

Aldoino became a baron of the kingdom during the reign of Charles I. In 1283 he was the justiciar of the Terra di Bari when in November he was recalled, to be replaced by his brotherLotterio. He was to be made magister rationalis (“master of rations”, i.e. commissar), but died en route to Naples. He was succeeded by his daughter Angela. His second daughter, Olimpia, married Simone II del Tufo in 1299.

The castle 

The urban plan of the fortified village, consisting of the castle and small huts, covered with tavolilli or shingles , located around the fort, was and still is very simple, elliptical, almost forming additional protection for the castle and receive it .

The access was allowed three doors: one to the west, located on the street nova that goes from the castle to the square, it was the easiest and most direct access to the castle, although it has a ramp very uncomfortable especially for the transition of mules and horses.

The second port, to the north, was on way Toppole and allowed access to the village, from the backside of the castle, by the way is now in steps, which is also not very easy for the transit of livestock farmers from the countryside translated underlying. The third goal, in the south, with easier access to transport both goods and the cattle, was placed near the bell tower.

Ancient military fort, built in Lombard times and modernized in the Norman-Swabian, are only part of the walls and buttresses. At the castle, built on a ridge of rock, is accessed from the west side of a front door made of stone blocks, higher than the level of the road. A stone staircase leads to the inner courtyard of the manor. In the west of the castle, you can see the remains of a circular tower with a sloping base, to the east there was a tower with a quadrangular base with vertical walls without any aperture, the only access point to enter the garden of the castle .

From this tower, part of the defensive wall running south to a building backs onto the structure of a third tower. The slender figure and tightly locked up in the walls of the fort made it impregnable. The castle and simple with all the safety requirements, it was a real nest of eagles.

The Baronial Mansion

The Baronial Palace, built byCatherine Filangieri in the thirties of the fifteenth century, it was a beautiful two-storey building which was accessed by an arch barrel vault. On the front there was a central loggia decorated with columns of white stone tall and slender to give greater impetus to the whole system of the lodge.

To complete the installation of the massive windows were prospectively with squaring the local white stone. They were huge with the panels in the sides, elegant and simple concentric circles, designed to act as a counterbalance to the central structure and to give strength and importance in the whole building. The imposing facade with the front garden was, for all those traveling along the sheep track towards Puglia, a beautiful presentation of the country with its enviable urban and human dignity.

Tiled Gallery of Palace:


Pictures of the interior, courtesy of The Freaky Friday blog:

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