Palazzo Filangeri – Lapio

Lapio1topThe Castle Filangeri fortress of Lapio was built by the Normans. The first written mention of the Castle appeared in a deed in 1130, in this deed, a certain Ruggiero made a donation to Montevergine monastery.

The new owners of the Castle were the Filangieri family in the 16th century. At the same time, several remakings of the Castle changed its medieval look, transforming it from a powerful fortress into a magnificent aristocratic residence.

Today we can only admire a quadrangular Tower.

The Castle was divided into many rooms. The inside of it was richly decorated with the 16th- century frescoes. The main entrance to the Castle was an impressive portal built in the 16th century. We can also see the crest of the Filangieri family hanging on the wall above the entrance portal.

The building is now inhabited. In the near future, it will become essential extensive works of restoration in order to give visitors the opportunity to sightsee the Castle.

According to the mayor, Ubaldo Reppucci, the building will become home to the Filangieri citizens’ associations, the place is being dedicated to becoming a promotional showcase for food and wine of the country.

The Filangeri castle was built in Norman times and transformed into a stately home at the end of the sixteenth century, it is one of the most important testimony of the Renaissance in Irpinia, with frescoes and tempera paintings that adorn the entire wall surface of the inner hall.

The paintings span a historical period involving two centuries frescoes dating from the early16002 and tempera attributable to the second half of 1700s. Of great historical interest is the Filangieri family coat of arms, on the facade, the entrance portal and the true shaft, made of local sandstone and white marble, which bear witness to the various imparentamenti of the house with the southern nobility. Then, in honor of the famous Neapolitan Gaetano Filangieri intellectual, cultural and sports association will be born.

The redevelopment of the building was financed with funds Filangieri from 2007-2013 and has received particular attention from the superintendence of Avellino. As for the next administration? “This is an administration that takes care of the daily needs of the country, we are working on a list to ensure continuity than has been done up to this point.

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